Mare Nostrum Sport will collaborate for the second consecutive year with Dixon Sport.

One of the experiences that make us basketball lovers is to join and enjoy with people who share the same feeling. The former Barça player, Sheila Dixon, is an obvious example. That is why we are proud to announce that this 2020 is the second year that Mare Nostrum Sport continues to learn from the route that the American athlete has taken so far. Not only from her talents on the court, but also from another perspective.

This is the project she founded in pursuit of her dream, in addition to practicing basketball in a professional manner, she also wanted to help players from an early age to grow and develop to their full potential. Thus, the protagonist decided to carry it out through Dixon Sport where the main purpose is to express the potential and talent of young people through basketball campuses at an international level, the US and, also, nationally. In addition, it is an opportunity for personal growth due to the fact that players live together and sharing with others the same values that unite them.

MNS wants the vision it shares with the Dixon team to last over time and consolidate. It is a pleasure to announce that during the awards ceremony of the X MNSB a player will be rewarded with a direct place in the campus that will be held in Barcelona from June 29 to July 3. Without forgetting that there will be a second player who can enjoy two VIP tickets to watch a Barça match.

The countdown begins for the tournament and to find out who will be the lucky ones to enjoy both experiences provided by Dixon Sport.